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Are events the missing link
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We make it easy to plan and manage targeted internal events, delivering a personalized employee experience and smarter workplace operations.

Meet Calven

Welcome to the workplace tech platform powering the future of work by fusing together employee experience and workplace operations. Calven empowers employees, employers and team leaders by unlocking hybrid work, enabling amazing workplace experiences no matter where we work, and optimizing the office whenever it’s needed.

We enable organizations to design, implement, manage and measure future of work policies and processes to create the best employee and office experience possible.

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Business as usual just doesn’t cut it anymore

The future of work will be defined by employee preferences, team objectives, and organizational policies and guidelines. How these come together is business critical. Increasingly, organizations are locking in future of work policies without the technology, processes, and scalability to operate and maximize them. With experience at it's heart, Calven’s unifying platform evolves as our customers and users' needs evolve. We enable hybrid work now and into the future.

Make hybrid work

Make it easy for employees and team leaders to operate and optimize in a flexible environment, while ensuring organizational guidelines and policies are met.

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Amplify the employee experience

Build and maintain a vibrant, engaging culture no matter where everyone works. Get to know your people and  their preferences, and create an amazing workplace, everywhere.

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Optimize the office

Create an office experience that is streamlined, convenient, and appealing —from simplifying access to services to providing personalized touches employees appreciate, while maximizing real estate.

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One seamless, connected platform for everyone

Interact when, where and how you like

With a mobile app, web interface, and administrative dashboard everyone has the tools they need with built in Slack, Teams, and calendaring functionality.

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Enterprise grade privacy and security

With GDPR compliance, SOC 2 and ISO 27001 processes in place (certification underway), you have the confidence that Calven can support your operations without compromise.

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Integrates with your existing systems

We have all of the integrations and an open API to facilitate any other functionality your employees and teams could need.

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Unify experience and operations

Leverage all the insights and advantages of your existing tools, while connecting and automating key capabilities all in one, easy-to-use place.

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Empower the whole organization

Creating and maintaining a work environment that works for everyone is a collaborative effort. Calven offers features and functionality that apply across your organization to make the experience more effective and engaging.


Manage future of work policies, real estate and operations while keeping the employee experience top of mind.

Team Lead

Gain instant visibility of your team’s preferences, schedules, and locations to enable meaningful on-site and remote interactions.


Create a personalized work experience based on individual preferences and interests while seamlessly aligning with your teams and organization.

Feature-rich and ready to work

Calven’s features and functionality can work independently or combine with powerful workflow automations to provide more unique and seamless experiences.

Unlock hybrid work

  • Hybrid Work Scheduling

  • Hybrid Work Management

  • Team Co-ordination

Elevate employee experience

  • Employee Preferences

  • Milestones & Recognition

  • Universal Search

  • Skills & Interests

  • Internal Events

  • Employee Directory

Optimize the office

  • Access Control

  • Floorplans & Wayfinding

  • Workspace Management

  • Co-working

  • Food & Beverage

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Who we are

Building on years of technology, real estate, and HR expertise, we’re a diverse, global team of change-makers on a mission to shape the future of work.

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Why we’re here

Today’s workplaces aren’t always enjoyable, equal, productive, or efficient. We’re here to change that by using technology to shape a better experience for everyone.

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