Unlock Team Coordination
Come in together, at the right time and for the right purpose.
Plan with your team
Always see who is planning to be in the office to help coordinate when you should come in.

See team-by-team details so you can easily find who is in the office, even in large organizations.
Automatically seat teams together
Calven’s AI dynamic stack is a way of auto-booking that always seats team members together in the optimal part of the office, without complicated planning.

Employees don’t have to go searching for the right seats - just choose who you want to work with.
Facilitate company events
Don’t send Outlook events into the void, put on company events and share across the org with great visuals.
  • Create curated showcases of company events
  • See which events work best to focus on those efforts
  • Workplace admins can see dietary restrictions of employees to help plan food and drinks appropriately
Always in sync, at enteprise scale
Sync your Calven teams from your corporate directory so they're always up to date. Calven enables you to manage your workforce at scale with many ways to populate and sync groups.
  • Generate groups based on SCIM user attributes like departments, business unit and division
  • Provision groups from SCIM
  • Synchronize team memberships with Slack channels
  • Create your own groups as needed

Unlock team coordination today:

Unlock Hybrid Work

Calven is the experience platform that removes
barriers and powers the future of work.

Unlock Hybrid Work

Calven is the experience platform that removes barriers and powers the future of work.

Unlock Hybrid Work

Calven is the experience platform that removes barriers and powers the future of work.

Operate and optimize in a flexible environment

With hybrid work, every aspect of business as we know it is changing. Employees are emboldened to exercise a more powerful voice in when, where, and how they work. Maintaining visibility and building a strong organizational culture is harder than ever.

Single pane of glass

Everyone has access to preferences, policies, where colleagues are working, and space availability, in a single interface.

Contextual experience

Get all the details of calendars, locations, and preferences to make more informed decisions and maximize productivity.

Zero Friction

Launch workflows automatically and enable seamless experiences by connecting changes in status to key actions.

Optimizing the hybrid work experience for employers and team leads

Manage work policies, real estate, and operations through a single pane of glass view across the organization.

Set policies and guidelines designed to drive an experiential environment and engaging context for every employee.

Quickly schedule in-person interactions and manage office capacity and space allocation based on employee needs and preferences .

Integrate HR, IT, and other core systems to manage workflows and ensure compliance with policies such as health and safety.

Empowering employees to shape the workplace they want

Set when and how you work, from location to hours and time off in a single interface.

See where and when your colleagues are working to optimize time together when it’s needed.

Get access to the most suitable facilities and services based on your schedule and preferences.

Let's make hybrid work work for everyone.

Work scheduling

Set where and when you work and see the same for your teammates.

Work management

Design, implement, measure and manage work policies and guidelines.

Coordination & cadence

Provide visibility into team location, work schedules, preferences, and policies.

See how Calven can enable your future of work

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