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Calven helps leading organizations make hybrid work, maximize real-estate and deliver a frictionless workplace experience.

“Having a single tool that you can rely on to see who’s going to be in the office, what events are happening, and booking a desk automatically in a really low touch way instils confidence in our employees that we’re invested in their workplace experience.”

Michael, Head of Global Spend & Business Systems, Canva

“Not knowing where anyone was working on a given day made it really difficult to facilitate events and activations around the workplace. We needed a tool that allowed us to see where our teams were, with minimal friction.”

Chris, Global Head of Vibe, Canva

“Calven helps our operations in a global context by allowing us to plan, not just for space constraints, but also getting our teams to come together and collaborate intentionally.”

Rena, Operations Business Partner, Canva

“We like to think of Calven as canvanaughts' workplace experience buddy. Whenever they’ll be going to the office, needing a desk booked, ordering a coffee or seeing what events they can join remotely or in-person, it’s the one stop shop for a seamless workplace experience.”

Chardy, Vibe Lead Philippines, Canva

“We’ve got people working from home, some people coming into the office, and a lot of people doing both. Having a tool to help us give our people that flexibility, while providing us with the data and visibility to better manage our workplace operations and services solves a lot of our problems.”

Teddy, Vibe Workplace Lead, Canva

“We couldn't find a single platform out there that was spanning across all of the things that we wanted to do across desking, events, parking, catering, plus all the integrations we needed to give our people a seamless experience, no matter where they’re working.”

Tessa, Program Manager, Canva

“Being able to determine how much collaboration space or activation space or event space we need, as opposed to desk space, has optimized how we design our workspaces.”

Nada, Workspace Lead, Canva

“By partnering with Calven, we're finding ways to make the experience at work less arbitrary and less of a worrying or fearful thing for people. Being able to easily book your desk and know how to set yourself up for the day opens up opportunities to plan your life better, to think about your personal choices, and ultimately have more control over your work day.”

Liv, Workplace Experience Lead, Canva

See how canva optimize their real estate and services, delivers a frictionless hybrid work experience and keep the 'vibe alive' for canvanaughts around the globe.

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