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Meet Calven

Calven provides a suite of software to help you manage corporate real estate and workplace experience in a hybrid world.

Our solutions operate dynamically, giving employees the tools to engage and co-ordinate and enabling employers to manage, measure and optimize the workplace.

Crestron X Calven

Our connected offering combines the most advanced physical and virtual systems to help organizations optimize their corporate real estate while employees receive a frictionless workplace experience.

How it Works

See what’s available in real-time

TSS scheduling screens show the floorplan and allow you to book meeting rooms.

 Easily book desks

Desk Q shows you when a desk is available - simply scan the QR code to book or release.

 Support advanced sharing

Crestron Desk Touch goes one step further by identifying who has booked the space and supporting advanced sharing.

  Measure utilization

Drive analytics and planning via Networked occupancy sensors.

 Keep teams in the know

Digital Signage with AirMedia showcases floor plans, availability and workplace experiences.

Here’s how Calven can help you run your workplace

Bring teams together intelligently

Based on employee preferences and days in office.

Dynamically allocate space

Teams are clustered together and desks are automatically assigned.

Effectively operate your workplace

Through live floor plans and advanced analytics.

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