Calven and XY Sense integration supercharges the workplace experience

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New real-time integrations with leading workplace sensor company, XY Sense, makes it possible for teams to access live views of which desks and meeting rooms are currently in use, book available spaces in real time and end the phenomenon of ‘ghost bookings’ where rooms and desks are booked and marked as unavailable but not actually occupied.

“This live space availability integration makes the experience of finding, booking and checking-in to spaces a truly seamless experience for our mutual customers. Integrating XY Sense helps Calven provide even smarter software for corporate real estate teams to effectively and efficiently run their workplace in a hybrid world.”

Daniel Jackson, Calven Co-founder & Head of Product

What's possible with the integration?

Live occupancy workflows

Calven users can see the live occupancy status of spaces based on XY Sense real time occupancy sensor data. This allows users to see whether an unbookable space like an open collaborative area (i.e. kitchen, lounge area) is unused or if a booked space (i.e. a meeting room) is in fact empty.

This is available on Calven kiosks, mobile and web apps.

Auto-release for booking no-shows

If a meeting room has been booked and nobody shows up based on the XY Sense detection, the room will automatically be freed up and analytics will be created to show that the meeting was cancelled  due to a no-show.

This helps to ensure effective use of meeting rooms and provides insight as to whether an office has space limitations or if teams are in fact not being efficient with booking and usage of rooms.

Integrate sensor data on space & room utilization

XY Sense data can be incorporated into Calven dashboards to highlight the actual usage across meeting rooms, desks and neighbourhoods/spaces.

When compared to the planned or intended usage, this data provides powerful insights for space-planning and office layout and design.

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