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In our distributed world of work, many of us feel disconnected from our organization, and our colleagues, and we’re searching for a sense of belonging at work.

One of the more common ways organizations try to remedy this is through internal events - a seemingly win-win for employers and their people. But planning, managing, promoting, and delivering great events, especially in a hybrid work environment, takes significant time and effort.

We don’t know enough about our people to tailor events to their interests and preferences, there’s no single platform to promote the whole menu of what’s available (from company-wide, team events, social gathering to learning and development events and everything in between), or provide visibility on who’s attending what. It’s manual and time consuming for our workplace teams, who are trying to juggle a handful of fragmented systems and workflows that don’t tie into services such as employees’ locations, room-booking and catering. 

Many teams we’ve spoken with have told us they feel like they’re flying blind and shared examples like:

“We put on a BBQ at the office and encouraged everyone to come in for the day. People didn’t update their RSVPs, there was no quick way of seeing which of your colleagues were attending, and in the end, only 80 people showed up. It was a manual process, food was wasted and the payoff wasn’t worth the investment.”

How many times have we heard of a scenario like this? 

The process of planning, managing and even attending events is, most of the time, a clunky inefficient mess. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t even realize how broken the current way of doing things is - for them or their people. 

Enter Calven Events - A simple yet powerful module of our expanding workplace experience platform, enabling you to effectively plan, manage and promote your internal events based on your employees’ preferences and interests.

Employees - discover what’s on and come together when it counts

Picture this; there’s a whole lot going on in your organization where you have the opportunity to come together and connect in ways that matter to you (whether it be lunch and learns, Thursday evening drinks, smaller affinity group meet-ups, wellness activities, the list goes on…) but you don’t currently have one central place to see everything on offer, or to be notified when an event is happening that’s in line with your interests or plans to be in the office or remote. 

Calven takes the hassle and confusion out of internal events by offering you a single display for all the cool stuff going on so you can pick and choose based on what matters to you. Events are now more compelling, easily discoverable, and empower you to engage on your own terms. When you do attend, services like food are automatically tailored to your preferences and your interaction is seamless - from RSVPs to automatically syncing with your work calendar.

Calven Events cuts through the noise, meeting you where you are.

Organizations - Deliver great experiences while optimizing your operations

Whether your company already operates a sophisticated internal event offering or you look inquisitively at organizations that do, it’s fair to say the process is daunting, challenging and inefficient. 

Without knowing enough about your people (their work preferences, interests, hobbies, dietary requirements etc.) it’s hard to provide a targeted, contextual and engaging event offering.

If you’re still delivering event information via loud, multi-channel methods such as email, calendar invites, and generic comms channels, it’s highly likely that you’re not getting the desired attendance and information to cost-effectively manage your events. 

Calven helps you create engaging events, target them effectively and promote them to the right people in an appealing way. Plus, gather information and feedback (in one central place) so you know what’s resonating.

Say goodbye to manual spreadsheets, fragmented workflows, lack of information and transparency, and all the waste that comes with events. Calven Events is a revolutionary way to engage a distributed workforce and optimize your workplace operations. A true win-win for employers and employees.

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