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Engage employees and create great workplace experiences in a hybrid world.

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Seamlessly plan, manage and promote your internal events

Calven Events is a simple, powerful module which helps you create and target events based on employees' preferences and interests.

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Deliver experiences that matter to your people, all managed through a single platform.

  • Easily create and promote events in a range of formats
  • Track RSVPs by remote or in person
  • Sync to users calendars
  • Understand employee interests and dietary preferences
  • Manage event workflow and checklists
  • Gather information and feedback so you know what’s resonating

A single tool to help you engage a distributed workforce

Whether your company already operates a sophisticated internal event offering or you look inquisitively at organizations that do, it’s fair to say the process is daunting, challenging and inefficient. Calven makes it easy for you to create engaging events, target them effectively and promote them to the right people in an appealing way - all through one platform. A win-win for employers and their people.

Make it easy for your people to come together for a purpose

Deliver on your promise of an engaging and inclusive workplace

Get smart with your planning and workflows

For Employees

Discover what’s on and come
together when it counts

  • Single display for all the cool stuff going on in your company
  • Easily discover all the great ways to connect with colleagues
  • Events tailored to your preferences and interests
  • Visibility on who’s attending what, virtual or in-person
  • Seamlessly view and manage through Calven’s mobile or web app

For EmployeRs

Deliver great experiences while
optimizing your operations

  • Say goodbye to manual spreadsheets, waste and inefficiencies
  • Visibility to all event info on one platform, with smart integrated workflows
  • Learn more about your people’s preferences and interests
  • Cut through the noise of generic comms channels
  • Deliver a more tailored engaging experience with far less time
    and effort

Looking for more than internal events? See our full feature set:

Maps &
Floor Plans


Hybrid Work



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Create great workplace experiences in a hybrid world.

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