Calven meets you where you are

Easily plan & manage the office - right from Slack.

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Smart notifications

  • Prepare for an upcoming office day

  • Desk booking changes

  • Auto-release a desk when you’re remote

Set your location once, Calven does the rest

Calven auto-books based on your default location, then lets you flexibly make changes.

Unexpected office day Friday? No problem. Don’t need that desk anymore? Calven has you covered with just one click.

Calven Events in Slack

Easily promote internal events to slack channels

Learn more about events ->

Slack + Calven to power your office

Calven also supercharges your group creation to become the source of truth of how your organization actually works.

In addition to your directory, Calven lets you create groups dynamically with Slack, or even create custom groups yourself.